Parents want a safe, fun, and convenient place for their kids…

In response to this feedback as well as our own personal experiences, we are proud to bring you A Place To Play Drop-In Child Care Center. Located in the same building as Sneads Ferry Pet Hospital, right across from The Dollar Tree, Pizza Hut, and Carolina Dynasty. Our Drop-In is designed to fill the gap in traditional childcare programs. We offer child care seven days per week including extended evening hours and best of all no appointment or reservation is needed. Experience the freedom of being able to go out to dinner or catch a movie on a moments notice.

Parents want to help their kids grow…

We provide a safe and fun environment with age appropriate toys and play areas for all ages. Regardless of the reason you choose to use our service, A Place To Play takes the hassle and anxiety out of finding a babysitter by offering a fun, friendly, and safe alternative. If you are interested in having your child come to A Place To Play, Register Now, on our secure registration page.

About Drop-In Care/ HOW IT WORKS


Drop-in/short-term child care is defined by law in G.S. 110-86(2)(d)(d1) as a child care arrangement where care is provided while parents participate in activities that are not employment related, and where the parents are on the premises or otherwise easily accessible. You may not leave your child and go to work. We are for leisure time only. There can be NO exceptions to this rule. Please do not bring your child if you are going to work.

Drop-in/short-term care child care would be used by parents who need care while they occasionally run errands or participate in leisure activities. The operation must be able to reach the parent by telephone, cell phone, or pager, etc., if they are not on the premises. The parent, or a designated pick up relative or friend must be able to get back to the program within 15 minutes.  Maximum hours per day to leave your child is 4 hours and no more than 20 hours per week.
Drop-In Centers are not licensed or regulated like full time day care centers are and Drop-in care Centers are not required to be licensed by the state of North Carolina.

Preparing for your visit

We provide care for children aged 1 year to 12 years. 1 year olds must be walking. We cannot accept special needs children.

We allow you to bring your own drinks, prepackage and sealed snacks and food but absolutely no peanut products. Sippy cups and bottles must be labeled with your child’s name. We also offer a variety of food items for you to purchase upon drop off, click here for a menu of items.

For safety reasons No toys or video games from home are allowed to be brought into our center.
Please bring diapers, wipes, change of cloths and any necessary changing items for children in diapers. Diapers will be available if you forget to bring with you for 50 cents each.

Pacifiers must be attachable with a clip to clothing.

Children are encouraged to bring a blanket and pillow anytime. Definitely bring if your child is staying after 7:00 pm. We have movie time and most children are most comfortable with their own things from home. Label all personal items.

We run a tight ship! Please have a conversation with your child before arriving to be respectful of the Staff and other children. We reserve the right to not accept children who consistently display disrespectful behavior of any kind to the staff or other children. If your child is a biter or hits another child, they will not be allowed back into the Center for a minimum of 6 months. You will be called immediately to pick up your child if an incident occurs.

What is the process to drop off my kids?


On your first visit we will register your child and/or confirm all of your registration information if you have already registered online. Your child will be checked in by a staff member. You and your child will receive a stamp on your hand that is unique. Once your child removes their shoes they are welcome to come in the gate, wash hands, and play! Please always have socks for your child.

Parents, please do not escort you child into the play space. If you want to tour we are more than happy to do so, but our insurance prohibits parents from being inside the play area without a staff member.


During check out/payment you will be given the exact amount of minutes used on the visit.

Only listed authorized persons with photo on file (or photo I.D.) will be allowed to pick up/drop off your child.   If someone other than the parent or guardian were picking up the child he/she would be released to the people listed in the registration only after photo I.D. has been seen. In situations of custody agreements, the center will follow the advice of court ordered documents.

All monies owed to A Place To Play are paid upon departure, unless you have a credit card on file with one of our payment plans. Click here for more information on our package drop-in rates.


We offer snacks, juice boxes, and prepacked lunch and dinner items. Prices vary and we will provide a list of available options and pricing at the Center. You must check off what your child is allowed to have before you leave the center.
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